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Paul has a bright eye eye old saying goes

Sudden drop of the old vision of the medical profession, cause of blindness found that the vast majority of the intraocular lens protein denaturation variable cloudy (cataract) and macular degeneration caused. Therefore, if we enter middle age often pay attention to adequate intake of anti-free radical anti-aging substance, we will have a pair of eyes to look at things clearly.

Prevention of senile cataract

Cataract is the major cause of blindness in the elderly caused. According to statistics, the incidence rate of 60 to 70 years 77.8%, 71 to 80 years old 80%, more than 90 years of age up to 90% of the elderly, blind rate to increase with age. Thus, active control is to protect the elderly cataract vision, the key to improving the quality of life.

Double as the camera lens convex mirror, is constituted by proteins, transparent and flexible organization, from which light can be successfully adopted by the attached ligaments to adjust its crown, so that the light just in the macular imaging. If some or all of the protein crystal aging, hardening occurs turbidity, loss of transparency in the state, then the object from which light can not reach retina generated by object such as a clear, called cataract.

Cataract prevention may note the following:

Protecting the body from dehydration in diarrhea, a lot of vomiting, blood loss, excessive sweating, body temperature higher than normal failure to complement the long-term loss of body water, the reduced blood circulation to cause tissue catabolism of large quantities of toxic wastes accumulate in the body, damaged crystal protein, longer duration, will be repeated many times cataract. Weight loss cure disease as soon as possible, replenish the fluid loss is not neglect the part of the prevention of cataract.

Prevent sun damage in the sun, the sun will promote and increase the crystal protein denaturation, variable cloud, causing cataracts. Research data show that regular attention to the elderly to go out sun protection, cataract incidence and degree of visual impairment than people without attention to protection of the same age is much lower, much lighter. Walk in strong sunlight, or sun, should wear hats (or parasol) and dark protective glasses.

Ate a pair of bright eyes

Aging is due to the metabolism of damaging free radicals caused by peroxide. From this, regular intake of free radical scavenging substances, is to prevent or delay cell aging, protecting the best way to normal physiological function. The anti-free radical anti-aging substance, can be obtained in the diet. Therefore, the following


Eat more natural red food supplement of vitamin C substances the body against free radicals and E.

According to testing, the normal crystal eye vitamin C concentration is 30 times the concentration of the blood; enter menopause, the crystals of vitamin C, glutathione and other antioxidants were significantly reduced, some water-soluble protein denaturation, gradually changing cloud, appeared cataract symptoms. At this point, increased lens calcium content, potassium content decreased, hardening, decreased flexibility, coupled with diminished contractility ligament attachment, so the lens can be adjusted significantly fewer crown, resulting in rapid decline as the material ability. Tomato, carrot, seaweed, red amaranth, Red potato, onion, pumpkin, hawthorn, jujube, red bayberry, strawberry, mulberry, persimmon, purple grapes, red apples, such as red food Zimi, vitamin C, E and other powerful antioxidant matter concentrations are much the same time, rich in β-carotene, into the body can be decomposed into double the amount of vitamin A, can prevent the elderly susceptible to dry eye, corneal ulcers, night blindness and osteoporosis. Red food lycopene and β-carotene synergy can significantly enhance the immune activity of macrophages in vivo, anti-cancer disease prevention; a lot of pectin can enhance the intestinal excretion of harmful substances. Especially tomato seeds, the surface of colloidal material in the cooking has been broken down into a lot of malic acid and citric acid, vitamin C can protect not destroyed by heating. Green tomatoes contain more of the tomato base, and more food will cause stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness and other symptoms. Therefore, fasting should not eat a lot of tomatoes and persimmon, they contain a lot of pectin, phenol and soluble persimmon plastic material convergence will react chemically with the acid to form stones hinder digestion.

Eat more fresh green vegetables, ate animal liver, milk or goat's milk.

These foods, vitamin A, C, E, B1 content and make the cornea, lens, retinal metabolism and function are maintained to prevent degradation. Need to be reminded to note that the liver is a detoxification organ animals, repeatedly washed with fresh water before cooking, soak, to prevent decomposition of the material which has not been ingested hazardous to health.

Green tea anti-aging.

Recent studies have confirmed that American scholars, in addition to green tea are rich in vitamins nutrients, but also full of many other high aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease resistant material, its integrated intensity is 100 times more vitamin C, vitamin E, 25. Black tea, oolong tea, though they also contain these substances, but the number is much less.

The treatment of senile cataract

Early cataracts, and more use of antioxidants to prevent their development, protection of the existing vision not impaired. In addition to more food rich in vitamin C, E of fresh vegetables, fruits, drinks loaded with additional services per day of vitamin C50 ~ 600 mg of vitamin E30 mg; while parked within the white (card he forest) or glutathione solution eye, 2 drops per eye each time, 3 to 6 times a day, can improve the aromatic amino acid metabolism, protein denaturation to the development of crystal water. Mature cataract, can be used ultrasonic emulsification treatment, or ask an expert eye surgery after lens extraction to harden the artificial lens implanted to improve vision.

Prevention of macular degeneration

(1) quit smoking: macular retina in the eye after the central diameter of 1 to 3 millimeters, depending on the core part of the imaging material. U.S. physician survey found that for every 14 people over age 75 have one person in macular disease and blindness. Further analysis showed that these blind persons, one third is the direct result of smoking-related macular atrophy cells. Many chemicals in tobacco, promote atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease incidence and development of retinal blood supply to smaller, macular hypoxia, malnutrition, accelerated cell aging and macular disease development. Therefore, smoking cessation is to prevent macular degeneration blindness one of the prerequisites.

(2) eat purple grapes, moderate drinking of red wine aging. Recent data show a large number of studies, purple grapes and red wine, contains a large number of flavonoids and phenolic substances such as powerful anti-aging anti-free radicals, vitamin E is 25 times, 20 times the white wine. These flavonoids and polyphenols, can inhibit platelet aggregation in the blood vessel wall, reduce high blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, thus preventing the occurrence of macular degeneration and retinal development. The study also found that American scholars, grapes (wine) contains what is called the "resveratuol" material, has a strong role to curb human cancer genes, preventing cancer cells. According to testing, grape skin in the highest levels of this anti-cancer substance. Thus, the grapes are not the best spit skin.

Control of red wine aged hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, anti-aging, anti-cancer, prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration, although better results, but the amount of daily drinking and methods must meet the physical requirements. Excess and excessive alcohol consumption, will cause or aggravate high blood lipids, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cataracts, macular degeneration and the occurrence and development. According to studies, drinking red wine daily volume is appropriate to drink less, respectively, the two square meals a slow dinner drink at the same time, higher consumption of vegetables and the amount of staple food. Do not drink empty stomach to avoid gastric and pancreatic irritation, induced gastritis and acute pancreatitis; of snacks to vegetarian main, Meat eater and grease should be few, to prevent additional burden of the liver, affect liver cell function. Hypertension and heart attack should be suspended from drinking, and increased food intake to compensate for the red stop drinking enough period.

Eye infection prevention and control in time

The elderly poor eye tissue disease resistance, in the hot season prone to bacterial and viral infections, if not promptly treated, may cause vision sharply. The initial inflammation, and showed that slightly more tears, swollen, visual clarity than before, a slight itching, a small amount of mucus eyes after waking up (actually a small amount of purulent secretions), which are not to be patients and their families pay attention to symptoms. Then can use broad-spectrum antibiotics solution, eye drops every 1 to 2 hours once, wearing dark glasses, and stop reading books and newspapers, do not look at film, television, and more comprehensive treatment of rest and so turn a blind eye, the more effective available; no significant improvement after 24 hours, indicating that the relatively heavy infection, or the use of drugs on the infection of bacteria is not sensitive to treatment should be promptly requested the ophthalmologist.

Autumn season, can eat some "heat eyesight" diet, such as chrysanthemum tea, bamboo soup, mulberry leaf tea, bitter melon soup, raw mix bitter, chrysanthemum porridge boil water, which have systemic infection prevention and the role of eye tissue .

In short, as long as the normal form a scientific way of life, birthday they will have a pair of bright eyes, will be happier.

"Home" for too long too dry eye care

Emergency cases: Xiao Li, 20 years old this year, sophomore summer vacation back home to start "home girl" every day from the morning to open the computer to play games, watch films and television shows, often to sleep at night when it is shut down, met nice drama also stay up all night watching.

This at home "home" for a month, Mike always felt a bit uncomfortable eye, often feel dry eyes, photophobia, and sometimes there are things that fly into the eyes get Dunong how not keep your eyes began to fatigue easily, often One thing did not look at a few minutes staring at the eyes began to ache, visual acuity decreased.

Case Analysis:

Chen Ping, director of Ophthalmology, Union Hospital, said it was got dry eyes. Xiao Li was wondering around a lot of students as "otaku", "home girl" and refused to leave the computer, how she suddenly got dry eye on it? Chan Director said that after entering the summer as dry eyes, itching, a burning sense of fatigue to the hospital eye doctor is gradually increasing. Almost every day he comes across a few such patients, students, computer staff, office workers, mostly car owners. Now comes the summer, many students too lazy to go out too hot and started a "house man" life.

Staring at the computer screen for too long, resulting in dry eye syndrome. Many office workers because they appear dry eye all day exposure to air-conditioned environment, and air conditioning with dehumidification effect, making the air too dry for a long time in this work environment, makes the eyes water "evaporated" the This way, the dry eye symptoms.

Prevention reminder:

Director Chen said that according to survey work at the computer every day more than 3 hours of those, 90% of people suffer from dry eye syndrome. In the next five years, the number of dry eye patients will also more than a year rising at a rate of 10%.

He explained that, although it is dry eye syndrome can not cure, but we can take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of dry eye. Learning at work should be to maintain a normal blink frequency, which can improve the ability to regulate the eye.

He reminded, "computer family" in the diet eat plenty of vitamin-rich green vegetables, egg yolk, carrots, grapes, adequate intake of lutein, an increase of vitamin A, B1, C, E intake. Air-conditioned room to take some moisture measures, such as periodic Pen Pen mounted a small bowl of water or water in the vicinity.

Eight cases should not wear contact lenses

Long-distance cycling contact lenses will harden

If the regular long-distance bicycle or motorcycle, we should not wear contact lenses. Because the bike when traveling around the speed of air flow will be significantly accelerated, so that the water contained in contact lenses in sharp decline, the lens gradually drying, hardening, over time, hardened glasses may damage the cornea is very thin epithelium, cause eye pain, itching, redness or inflammation. Meanwhile, the cycling of dust and other foreign matter more easily enter the eye, causing eye discomfort or even infection.

High intraocular pressure during menstruation should not wear contact lenses

Women in the menstrual period is higher than normal IOP, the eye is also more easily around the congestion, dysmenorrhea, especially women. If you wear contact lenses this time would adversely affect the eye.

Cold wearing contact lenses will increase inflammation

When cold, often accompanied by mild inflammation in the retina, lens easy to increase the inflammation. And the hands of patients with a large number of viruses and bacteria, easy to get along with, enter the eye when wearing glasses. In addition, many inhibit the anti-cold medicines contain the ingredient tear secretion, resulting in contact lens is too dry, reduce transparency, thereby affecting vision. Therefore, experts recommend: the flu is best not to wear contact lenses.

Fly a large contact lens on the eye injury

Passengers by air, the body is not the same environment with the ground, wearing contact lenses air, eyes due to dry air and cabin air pressure imbalance caused by the impact, there all kinds of discomfort, as soon as bubbles under the lens, hypoxia and easily lead to corneal edema, not only likely to cause vision loss, there may be issues such as corneal ulcer. This is because the air pressure at high altitude will affect the shape of the cornea, contact lenses are easily deformed, with long dry contact lenses also make the material becomes very fragile, if fragmentation could lead to more serious problems. Experts advise that end, in the front of the plane, the best off contact lenses, can be prepared a common, lightweight glasses. If you feel discomfort in her eyes, can close their eyes a rest, do some simple eye massage, and so on after the plane is doing, remember not to hard rubbing the eyes.

More serious consequences for pregnant women wearing contact lenses

Statistics show that 30% of pregnant women to wear contact lenses when the eyes will be some problems if not treated in time will affect the normal life, even as the taboo medication during pregnancy, increasing more difficult to treat. "Maternity wear contact lenses, corneal damage bear the brunt, while also trigger a host of other conditions." Experts say, because the endocrine system of women during pregnancy greatly changed, its mild corneal edema occurs, making the corneal thickness; The lens itself is blocking the corneal contact with the air, pregnancy continued to wear contact lenses, will increase the degree of corneal hypoxia, decreased corneal sensitivity, acute corneal injury prone.

Wear contact lenses while swimming will be adsorbed bacteria

Wearing contact lenses on the more stringent requirements of environmental conditions, both swimming pool or beach, we can not guarantee that the eyes in clean sanitary conditions. Contact lenses, adsorption, microbial pathogens in water easily deposited on the lens, the swimmers should not wear contact lenses. Always wear contact lenses, eye already has some inflammation, combined with dirty water stimulation is more likely to cause eye disease. Epidemic conjunctivitis, trachoma, etc., can be transmitted through swimming.

Best not to wear contact lenses with a computer

Many people who wear contact lenses, a long time against the computer, eyes dry hair, hair shy, very uncomfortable. This is because the number of reduced blinking. Is now widely used in contact lenses are manufactured using polymer materials, oxygen permeability not good, to some extent hindered the oxygen in the eye directly to corneal hypoxia. With long front of the computer, the eyes of high tension, normal blink 20 times per minute, while wearing contact lenses a long time with computers and the number of per-minute blink only four or five times. With contact lens use during bad health habits, can cause keratitis, corneal ulcers, there will be eye pain, photophobia, but also caused severe eyelid spasm, induced corneal neovascularization and ultimately affect vision.

Spring to minimize wear contact lenses

As spring temperatures fluctuated so that people are susceptible to influenza, thus triggering viral conjunctivitis and viral keratitis. Then the eye environment is very fragile, if often wear lens and health, to inflammation. Meanwhile, the spring in the air of pollen particles if they enter the eyes, some people will get on allergic conjunctivitis. With China's north winds often blowing sand in the spring weather, sand and dust blowing in the eyes, can also cause eye infections and cause other inflammatory. Wearing contact lenses when the eye is relatively fixed at the surface to the bacteria and viruses which provides a breeding environment. When pollen or dust inadvertently enter the eyes, it is easy to attach to contact lenses, the resulting viruses and bacteria. Experts suggest that the spring weather in the high winds blowing sand, as we choose to wear ordinary frame glasses, so that on the one hand glasses played a protective effect, blocking dust into the eyes, on the other hand, once the dust particles into the eye, lacrimal gland secretion The tears can wash away particles in time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blind glasses guard against vision students

The survey data, the current increase the number of young people suffering from myopia. Reporters recently hundalee Optical Qiqihar base to visit the Red Cross youth vision rehabilitation learned that some parents usually just through a computer vision optometry test results that give children glasses. Experts point out that not detected by eye refraction system physiological data, computer testing alone is likely to become a real pseudo-myopia myopia. Because often use 1% atropine mydriasis crystals will melt, weak eye muscle relaxation, there are certain side effects, the child's eyes will cause some harm.

According to Red Cross Youth vision rehabilitation base in Qiqihar Industrial Director Wang introduced to the child with an appropriate glasses need to start from details and abandon the error of previous neglect. He said that some parents choose for their children through computer optometry glasses on the practice is wrong. Young children must be carried out of refractive eye physiological data detection systems, so as to reflect the vision of the real child. If not careful eye by the refractive system of testing on the glasses, the child's eyes will cause lot of harm, because the child's pseudo-myopia often "cheat" computer, causing false test results. Also, if a child is hyperopia, then a high degree of astigmatism also make the computer check the "powerless."

There are choices of parents giving their children often think that the more expensive glasses glasses Caidui useful vision the child. In response, Deputy Director Wang pointed out that the students choose the most important prerequisite for glasses is suitable for them, not to indulge in fashion. Children under the age of 10 can choose glasses to protect the soft side of the nose support frames; 10 children over the age of the basic option of all box frames. Special attention when they choose eyewear, glasses astigmatism axial and luminosity to be accurate, no lens scratches, bubbles and impurities, the preparation of lenses that meet the national standards promulgated by the quality inspection.

Some children to the appearance of beautiful, often with the parents for their contact lenses. Experts point out that contact lenses when using higher security requirements, some unscientific use will bring damage the cornea. Especially the younger kids can not wear contact lenses more, because they do not very well the conservation, contact lenses lead to frequent cases of keratitis. Wang Industrial Director recommends that people 18 years of age or do not choose to wear contact lenses.

For the actual work, said Deputy Director Wang of children and adolescents decreased visual acuity for many reasons, are not necessarily due to myopia and astigmatism, some of retinopathy can be manifested as decreased visual acuity, so children and young people in optometry ago the system should be carried out of refractive eye examination and eye examination data system, do not miss the best time for treatment. Director Wang remind parents: Once children have vision problems, be sure to regular eye glasses shop and hospital to conduct a comprehensive examination, medical advice and then choose the right glasses.

Medlar computer users must have eye protection

Computer people eat more nutritious foods eyes, you often use computers at work in it? Dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, photophobia, tearing, or redness of the phenomenon? If so, state your eyes have been hurt. The eye and causes the secretion of normal and tears, which should lead to your attention, and eye protection should double, but if we can add some nutrients in the diet food eyes, is the most convenient and most effective way.

Needless to say, Vitamin A, known as the "eye of the necessary," said the prevention of dry eyes, vision loss, night blindness in the recipe, to carrots and green and yellow vegetables and dates most abundant. Vitamin B, is the source of the optic nerve of nutrition, lack of vitamin B1, eye fatigue; lack of vitamin B2, easily lead to keratitis. Can eat more sesame, soybean, milk, wheat germ and other foods. Medlar Liver eyesight efficacy, we all know, because it is rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, essential nutrients healthy eyes.

Medlar three therapeutic formula:

1. Medlar + m: Zhu Chengyu, add a little sugar, to treat the phenomenon of blurred vision and tears.

2. Medlar + Chrysanthemum: brewed with hot water to drink, easy to make the eyes bright.

3. Medlar + liver: soup has the heat, eliminating astringent eye, eliminate dark circles appear late at night. Cassia has a Liver eyesight and easing constipation effects, can improve eye swelling, redness and more tears, prevent vision changes.

11 kinds of people should not watch "Avatar"

3D film "Avatar" exhibition, attracted a great deal of audience enthusiasm. All along, wearing 3D glasses 3D movies, ranging from can cause dizziness, headache, sore eyes, fatigue and discomfort, weight can lead to acute glaucoma attack. Why will the audience watching 3D movie dizziness headache, eye irritation occurs? Viewers watching 3D movie, how to make scientific use of eyes? What people are not suitable for viewing 3D movies for? Involved in this series generated in our hearts the audience questions, and we specifically ask the professor for us to answer.

Question: Most people wear 3D glasses to see things affecting our physical health? Why 3D film audience will see dizziness headache, eye irritation occurs? Addition to the above symptoms may also lead to the audience what other symptoms occur?

professor: the general health of the audience to wear 3D glasses 3D short film will not cause too much impact on the body.

3D glasses on the body is mainly physical and psychological aspects:

Physical performance for the dry eye discomfort and fatigue: the environment mainly because of crowded theater air drying, concentration, reduced blinking, resulting in excessive tear evaporation, dry eye-like there. As the eyes wearing 3D glasses to see images of the different needs of the brain "fusion" feature different images of two eyes as a synthesis of three-dimensional images, the binocular stereopsis poor audience (such as anisometropia, strabismus, astigmatism, glasses fitting is not accurate) prone to visual fatigue, eyebrow pain, eye swelling, double vision and discomfort.

The performance of psychological fear, dizziness, nausea and severe symptoms even arise, mainly due to 3D images of the contents of the film mostly fly, spin, fast handover, through the ups and downs of sports scenes, which the normal afraid of heights, the audience is easy to produce motion sickness Zhengzhuang mental stress and psychological discomfort, in addition to 3D movies, music and pictures more exciting, take a look and feel would be more exciting, with cardiovascular disease may occur in patients with high blood pressure, dizziness, chest tightness and discomfort.

Question: what kind of people not suitable for wearing 3d glasses 3d movies?

professor: one eye, both eyes corrected visual acuity difference of more than 3 lines, strabismus, glaucoma and high risk patients, recovering from eye surgery, hypertension, heart disease, vertigo, fear of heights who were depressed or manic.

Question: It is reported that "shallow anterior chamber, narrow angle" of the people watching 3D movies, are particularly prone to acute glaucoma, and why? Then lead to what the risk factors for glaucoma? What are the symptoms of acute glaucoma attack? General our hospital How is it treated? What are complications of acute glaucoma attack?

professor: "shallow anterior chamber, narrow angle" of the audience watching 3D movie, a long time in low light conditions, pupil dilatation, so that accumulation of peripheral iris, angle becomes narrower, the water cycle affect the room, causing eye pressure is increased, induced angle-closure glaucoma. Another exciting scene from the film can be excited human autonomic nervous system, also allows mydriasis, glaucoma can cause seizures.

Cause angle-closure glaucoma risk factors include: family history, hyperopia, the elderly, darkroom environment, mydriasis, mental and emotional factors, drugs.

When you look at 3D movie / or after, as the dim, as the rainbow, eye pain, eye swelling, ipsilateral headache, or nausea and vomiting should be considered when symptoms may have increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma attack.

General view of elevation of intraocular pressure after 3D film caused by glaucoma is acute angle-closure glaucoma, and acute angle-closure glaucoma is acute eye is blinding eye disease, if the IOP can not be timely, effective control things can be completely invisible within a few days, but with drugs and surgery can not restore. Dimensional, when watching 3D movie performance when some of the above should stop watching movies immediately to the hospital, the sooner the better treatment. Acute angle-closure glaucoma include medication and surgery. General control of intraocular pressure with drugs first, and then the patient would choose a laser or surgical treatment can cure glaucoma.

Attack of acute angle-closure glaucoma after the sequelae include: dilated pupils and lens opacity, decreased visual acuity, if not treated in time can have repeatedly eye pain and even blindness.

Question: In addition to the "shallow anterior chamber, narrow angle" of the people is not suitable for viewing 3D, other eye patients, such as our common myopia, hyperopia, etc. or have a special eye to those patients, will also not suitable for 3D viewing movie? If so, do this part of the audience that the measures to protect the eyes.

professor: for myopia and astigmatism in the audience, should be wearing the right glasses, binocular visual acuity of 1.0, binocular vision balance can watch 3D movies. But not more than 40 years of age and have a hyperopic patients, there may be shallow anterior chamber, narrow angle of risk factors, the best to the hospital later to see 3D movies. Those who have strabismus, a difference of up to 300 degrees binocular vision, monocular patients because the brain can not overlap for the three-dimensional portrait of the film image, so to see 3D movies may not enjoy the beauty of them, so meaningful to see 3D movies. Other special eye patients should consult a doctor.

Question: It was also suggested to eat before the movie anti-vertigo drugs, may slightly improve the discomfort, will it be viable?

professor: do not recommend taking the audience to buy their own anti-motion sickness drugs, because these drugs can cause dry mouth, face red, heart rate, elevation of intraocular pressure response. Should be used under the guidance of doctors.

(Postscript): Recently, 3D film "Avatar," the Reying craze set off, indicating that the film industry into the era of 3D movies. People access to opportunities for future access to more and more 3D movies, how to watch 3D movies of science in protecting the eyes for this position, it is very important. 3D movies, and always to be seen. But the eye every day should be protected.